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Ruby-Cell 4U Mask Pack (AAPE PLUS 5%)

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  • MaterialAAPE PlUS


  • South Korea South Korea
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It is the one who firstly introduced the protein cosmetic ingredients by utilizing adipose-derived stem cell in the world; it has been registered and approved by CTFA (the former name of PCPC; Personal Care Products Council USA) in September 2006.

AAPE was introduced in Textbook of Aging Skin in 2010, USA. AAPE, Advanced Adipose-derived stem cell Protein Extract, is a mixture of refined growth factor proteins extracted from adipose-derived stem cells conditioned media. AAPE maximizes the revitalizing effects of skin and hair follicles and consists of human proteins created by stem cells, natural composition with multi-function such as anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and skin-whitening effect.

The brand AAPE is the best-selling and inspirational term in the cosmeceutical market all over the world. AAPE itself is innovative in terms of its safety, marvelous efficacy from trustworthy data.



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Ruby-Cell 4U Mask Pack -AAPE PLUS 5--

Ruby-Cell 4U Mask Pack -AAPE PLUS 5--

Ruby-Cell 4U Mask Pack -AAPE PLUS 5--

Ruby-Cell 4U Mask Pack -AAPE PLUS 5--